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A Seat at the Table: Why it Matters for the Broader Health Sector


Dr. Sherilee Harper

Climate change is posing real tangible threats to the health and wellbeing of populations throughout Ontario and beyond. As health advocates, what role do we have in the broader conversations about climate change? By raising the profile of the health impacts of climate change, can this common agenda inspire the actions required for the most important public health opportunity of our time?

Opening Keynote


Health and Climate Change: What are the facts?


Katie Hayes, Al Douglas, Dr. Sherilee Harper

What is the latest evidence around the health-impacts of climate change? Learn about the latest trends and implications for health in a Canadian context in the face of a changing climate. This plenary will feature research that is informing the upcoming national climate health assessment with an emphasis on new and emerging areas such as mental health, implications for health equity, and cultural perspectives on changes already impacting daily realities.

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The case for climate change mitigation is important when faced with finite budgets and competing priorities. The good news is that action on climate change offers a number of health co-benefits that make taking action a win-win scenario for multiple portfolios. Join this interactive workshop to learn about strategies for identifying and planning for mitigation actions in your community that can offer powerful opportunities for health improvement.

The Challenge of Communicating Climate Change: What do we know about Creating Constructive Public Dialogue?


Sasha TregebovDr. Louise Comeau

Jessie Sitnick

This session will provide a quick update on ongoing climate-related efforts to support our understanding of how climate change is affecting public health and will include an interactive group activity to learn more on, a new online portal that provides user-friendly access to location  specific historical and projected climate data and includes a Health Sector Module providing climate indices by health region, analysis and case studies relevant to the Health Sector. You will also hear about some of the challenges in collecting and analysing current climate-related health morbidity and mortality data, some data limitations, and some innovative ideas to  improve data sources and link them to environmental and climate datasets.

The requirement to engage with communities around climate change is embedded in the Ontario Public Health Standards. However, it can be confusing to know how to effectively communicate climate change in a way that is conducive to community engagement. Many environmental campaigns have had limited success in generating momentum on climate change. This session explores what health advocates can learn from the latest research, other sectors, and emerging communication projects for ideas on how to bring new groups into conversations about climate change.

Lunch & Exhibitors


Transformative Climate Action: Finding the Unified Vision


Catherine Abreu

Afternoon Keynote

What are the intersections and opportunities for cross-sectoral action on climate change? Learn about the power of building coalitions to advance transformative action on climate change. In this session, we explore work underway and some strategies for building momentum under a unified vision of preserving health and the environment.


Interactive Session

Climate Conversations

Engage in a variety of conversations about climate change and develop skills in initiating and contributing to these "climate conversations". This session is structured to foster cross-sectoral conversations on climate-related health issues and solutions, and to motivate participants to continue these conversations when they return to their workplaces, homes and communities.

Plenary Panel

Resiliency for Healthy Communities


Linda VaranguDr. Edward Xie

Shawna Peddle

This panel showcases different areas of work that build on the idea of cross-sectoral action as a strategy for building resilient communities in the face of climate change. Panelists will bring forward implications and examples of projects from areas such as community planning, building resilient health care systems, and emergency management.


Afternoon Break




This session will explore the results and recommendations from three initiatives that centre around communicating climate change. From creating effective evidence informed health promotion initiatives in the face of climate change, to using an interactive GIS product to create a climate change story map, to tailoring risk communication strategies to educate the public about climate change.

For many communities, health vulnerability assessments will identify areas where climate change will necessitate modifications to current systems, structures and processes. The ability to use this in light of local realities will be a key aspect of building resiliency and protecting and promoting health for years to come. This session will look at some leading examples of health vulnerability assessments and adaptation measures as well as considerations for health equity when creating a plan.

This session explores the intersections between health equity, public health practice, and climate change adaptation. Presenters in this session will reflect on the literature related to vulnerable populations and explore opportunities for public health action on climate change and health equity. This session will also feature a research project that explored strategies to mitigate the health related impacts of extreme heat on vulnerable populations through a multi-sectoral approach that included feedback from community members.



From Attention to Action: There is Hope!


Samantha CaseyDr. Deborah McGregorHillary McGregor

Hear from a panel of speakers who are leading work on climate solutions at the local level and inspiring others through their actions. This panel brings together perspectives from a variety of voices that are leading the climate movement and making a difference in building momentum for solutions. From calls to action, to community organizing, to empowering the voices of those who have not previously been part of the climate conversation.


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